Frequently Asked Questions


What versions of Excel do the add-ins work in?

Our add-ins and books work in Excel 2010 to Excel 2019 (32 bit and 64 bit). We support Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and latest version of Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit) & Office 365 & MS 365

We don’t support the Mac OS.

Are your add-ins COM add-ins or VBA add-ins?

All our Microsoft Excel add-ins are written in VSTO (Vb.Net) and are COM add-ins, there is no VBA code used.

Is there any flow of data from the ExcelAnalyzer back to the software provider?

No, all client data is never available or accessed by Spreadsheetsoftware.

Can I install it on a second PC to support home working


The ExcelAnalyzer tab is not visible in Excel.

Which installation methods do you support?

Licensing possibilities for large companies?

There are several methods for licensing, such as a licensing server, customer license portal etc. Please contact   to get an overview of all possibilities.

Can you send me information about your Affiliate program

Yes, please contact

The installer does not run properly.

Assuming that your computer meets the system requirements for the ExcelAnalyzer add-in, this is often a result of:

  • Incomplete installer download: The installation setup file must be completely downloaded to your local hard drive before running the installer. When downloaded, the local installation setup file will be around 14Mb.
  • Invalid installer location: The installation setup file should be run from the hard drive of the computer into which the software will be installed. Avoid running the installer from a network drive or temporary internet files directory and never run the installer directly from its download location.
  • Always unzip the zipfile first before running the set file to a local drive.


How do I register my software?

There are four options in the Licensing menu.

  1. Register your license key

Choose this option when you have received a license key

  1. Request a trial key

I don’t have a trial license key, please send me one

  1. Register company license server

If your company has an ExcelAnalyzer license server, please choose this option, or contact your IT team

  1. Offline registration

Choose this option if your computer does not have access to our license server

After selecting one of the above options you will be guided to register your license.

I cannot register my software

When you receive a fault message during the installation this can have several causes.

  • An error occurred when contacting the server.

When you have no internet connection or the connection to our license server is blocked by a firewall, you can contact your IT department to place “ on port 443” on the whitelist. Also, you can use the Offline registration.

  • Register ExcelAnalyzer on a Virtual Machine

Currently it is not allowed to register ExcelAnalyzer on a Virtual Machine or Hyper servers. We can however grant you a temporary license for this.

  • Cannot activate the new device as the limit has been reached

This message occurs when the maximum amount of machines set for this license has been reached. Please contact support to de-activate machines or to extend the number of machines.

Offline Registration

If you do not have an internet connection or our license server is blocked by your firewall or IT, there is an option to use an offline registration.

Just select the option “Offline Registration:” from the licensing menu. The Offline registration has just 2 steps

Step 1: Goto our offline registration page, enter the license key and your email address there and you will get a license file which you can download

Step 2: Install the file which you received from our webpage.

When you do not have a connection to our website, you can mail the code which will be presented in the Offline Registration screen to We will mail you back the file required for step 2.

How to move a license to another machine

Is it possible to extend my trial?

Yes it is, just send an email to with a request and we can extend your trial with another 15 days.


How do I report software faults?

When you receive a fault, you can mail this directly to our support department. You can also copy/paste the information to a new mail message and mail it to Our support department will send you a response within 24 hours (working days).

Can I send you our suggestions for the ExcelAnalyzer software?

Yes of course you can, please send a mail to and we will act on your request.