ExcelAnalyzer installation manual

ExcelAnalyzer helps Excel users build better and Error-Free spreadsheets and comes as an extra button in the Excel ribbon. It is applicable for Microsoft Office Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and Office 365 but not applicable for Mac.

Step 1:

Save the “Setup_ExcelAnalyzer” file on your local drive/computer (for example on your C: or D drive)

Step 2:

Close all open Microsoft Office applications before continuing

For the initial installation of ExcelAnalyzer we strongly recommend that all Microsoft Office applications on your computer be closed, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

Step 3:

Click on “Setup_ExcelAnalyzer” and follow the installation steps

Note: ExcelAnalyzer requires that:

  • “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 tools for Office” and
  • “.NET framework” are installed.

If these are not installed on your computer, the “Setup” automatically downloads them from the Internet and takes care of the installation.

Step 4:

During the first installation you will be invited to accept the License Agreement which is shown in the image

Use the following link to read the Conditions of Use


Step 5:

Choose one of the three options to register ExcelAnalyzer

  • Check your inbox for an email from info@spreadsheetsoftware.com that will contain your License key. Please also check your “spam folder” if it does not arrive to your inbox.
  • Choose one of the three options below. The most common registration method is option 1.

Choose option 2 or 3 when needed.

Step 6:

Register your license of ExcelAnalyzer

Clicking on the “Register your license key” in the image above will present the screen below. Fill in your email and copy paste the license key from the email and click on “Validate license”.

Please check that you are connected to the internet

Step 7:

After the installation has completed, an extra Tab will appear in the Excel Ribbon.

The STANDARD version of ExcelAnalyzer looks like this (without the Comment Feature)

The ADVANCED version of ExcelAnalyzer looks like this (with the Comment Feature)

Note: The Trial version is the ADVANCED version

The difference between these two versions is the “Comment tool” in the ADVANCED version which is very useful for anyone who needs to review a colleague’s or client’s spreadsheet. Instead of the reviewer editing somebody else’s spreadsheet, he/she can “Question-mark/Comment” the validity of any issues in the spreadsheet and generate a “Comment report”, and send this to the Model Builder so he/she can respond to any questions. Afterwards the reviewer or Model Builder can correct the spreadsheet based on the responses of the spreadsheet owner.

Thus, instead of altering the Model Builder’s spreadsheet, you can place comments into  his/her spreadsheet. If, for example, an accounting firm has to review an external spreadsheet, or someone internally has to review a spreadsheet from a colleague or from another department, they can use this commenting tool instead of editing the spreadsheet cells without having the permission to change the spreadsheet.


Step 8:

Let us know if you:

  • need to extend your trial? No problem, just ask us and we will extend your trial period
  • need additional trial licenses for other colleagues
  • would like a personal (refresh) web demo
  • have questions about the installation procedure. It may be necessary to talk with your IT-department prior to installing third-party software
  • need more trial licenses for colleagues who also could benefit from a solution like ExcelAnalyzer

Check here to see the ExcelAnalyzer tutorial videos:


Step 9:

Finally, If you have any installation issues or other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us

For installation assistance contact support@spreadsheetsoftware.com, for any other questions just contact me directly by email at maarten.bessems@spreadsheetsoftware.com or call me directly.


Enjoy your test drive of ExcelAnalyzer,


Maarten Bessems MSc.

Director Spreadsheetsoftware

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Maastricht, The Netherlands

+31 43 26 00 310 (NL) +44 20 37 692 308 (UK) +1 212 46 131 86 (US)

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