Get to know the people behind Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheetsoftware Team

Spreadsheetsoftware is an independent software company based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Our core business is creating powerful Excel add-in software and building and reviewing spreadsheets for all sorts of industries and clients. Our team has a background in real estate, finance and business analysis with more than 60 years combined Excel experience.

Our aim is to build the most complete, powerful and user-friendly Auditing Add-in for Excel. It took us more than three years to develop ExcelAnalyzer before it met the standard we set for ourselves.

Meet the team

Maarten Bessems MSc.

Managing Director

After graduating in Mathematical Economics I worked for 10 years as a quantitative consultant in both the profit and non-profit sectors. Throughout my career, I have built and audited hundreds of small and large Excel models for different purposes, which gave me detailed insight into the possibilities and drawbacks of using Excel.

In 2011 I started Spreadsheetsoftware and with a lot of ideas, enthusiasm, and our customer expertise, we started programming ExcelAnalyzer 6 years ago. In my humble opinion, I believe ExcelAnalyzer is a must have for every Excel user who wants to build spreadsheets faster, without errors to enable better decision making.

Patrick Letterboom

Business Developer

I started my career in Finance and Controlling at PWC and became a heavy user and fan of Excel, as the perfect and only program to build all kinds of reports and financial models. I continued to use Excel in other companies and other disciplines such as Business Intelligence and even HRM.

When I first encountered Excelanalyzer I immediately saw the great potential of this unique tool and became extremely enthusiastic about its benefits. I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of taking Excelanalyzer to the market. This is a tool which really helps Excel users to save time and deliver better quality.

Arie Smit

Software Developer

With over 20 years of experience in various aspects of Information Technology, such as Software development, Service Management (ITIL), I have managed and participated in small and large software development projects. With this legacy, I have acquired a lot of experience in a broad spectrum of Information Systems.

I specialized in development, with programming languages as VB.NET, C#, VSTO, VBA, and databases such as MS SQL, Oracle. For the last five years, I have worked on innovative programming in Excel and gained considerable experience in this area of development. Using various special, in-house developed techniques made it possible to create an application with a fetching User Interface.

Brian Messenger

Director Spreadsheetsoftware UK & Ireland

Highly experienced business development executive with 30 plus years of senior management in software product development, procurement technology sales and sales management focus. Capable of and passionate about providing efficiency, compliance, risk prevention and cost savings in helping organisations aspire to and achieve best practice.

I have experience of being based and working in the UK, Ireland, US (Atlanta and Malvern, Philadelphia) and Bermuda, India, New Zealand and the Middle & Far East.

I am excited at the opportunity to be involved in selling such an impressive and unique and essential tool for auditing and correcting the Excel spreadsheets that all organisations are so reliant on for their financial analysis and reporting.

For more than 8 years, our clients TRUST and rely on the PERFORMANCE of ExcelAnalyzer

The constant improvement and tight collaboration with some of our clients has enabled us to maintain ExcelAnalyzer as the most accurate and best performing Excel review tool in the market