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ExcelAnalyzer has proven to be a powerful Excel Add-in. It has saved my team time and improved the quality of our spreadsheets for our clients. We use ExcelAnalyzer on a daily basis. Anyone who builds Excel models will notice the strength and value of this software right away.

We use Excel in everyday business. We cannot afford to make any mistakes in our spreadsheets. We tried ExcelAnalyzer out on several models and its amazing which detail you get from the reports. Highlighting all distinct formulas and errors saved us so much time and gave us the confidence that our calculations are correct. It's a very powerful Add-in and well worth the money.

An error in a spreadsheet is so easily overlooked. I am truly amazed at the strength and speed of ExcelAnalyzer. It cuts through a spreadsheet like a knife and has saved me so much time compared to manually checking my models cell by cell.

My students build financial planning and budgeting spreadsheets for our business cases. It’s impossible for me to overlook all these spreadsheets in a short timeframe. ExcelAnalyzer does this job for me. Highlighting all inconsistent formulas together with the detailed reports, ExcelAnalyzer gives me confidence in whether my students have done a good job, or gives me signs where to edit. We enjoy showing our bachelor students this incredible spreadsheet tool!

Ralf Meulenberg
Manager Corporate Finance
Deloitte Financial Advisory Services B.V.

Evert Baris
Manager Finance & Control
Allerzorg Netherlands

Andre Koch
Stachanov Solutions & Services B.V.

Dave Maas
Lecturer Financial Management
Fontys University of Applied Sciences

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