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Don’t take risks, check your spreadsheet


Everyone makes mistakes. If you use spreadsheets this will also happen to you and every Excel-user would like to trace and fix these errors swiftly.


ExcelAnalyzer is a powerful Excel add-in for Excel users and is designed by Spreadsheetsoftware to make spreadsheets understandable again and without errors.

ExcelAnalyzer comes as an extra button in the Excel ribbon

ExcelAnalyzer software

  • Combines powerful error detection with investigative capabilities to comprehensively analyze spreadsheets. ExcelAnalyzer reduces material errors and possible fraud
  • Scans spreadsheets for likely errors and displays them within the spreadsheet using an easy, straightforward interface. It identifies errors and risks with great accuracy in seconds

ExcelAnalyzer does far more than just checking formulas and checks also

  • VBA Code
  • Tables
  • Pivot Tables
  • Charts
  • Conditional Formats
  • Validation Cells
  • Names
  • Hidden Columns & Rows
  • Intersheet connections
  • Comments
  • Object
  • Hyperlinks
  • And many more

For whom is ExcelAnalyzer?

ExcelAnalyzer is for all people who build spreadsheets and want to be absolutely sure that their calculations are without errors (financial analysts, actuaries, controllers, engineers, economists, biologists, mathematicians, etc….).

For many years, our clients TRUST and rely on the PERFORMANCE of ExcelAnalyzer


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ExcelAnalyzer in a nutshell

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Director Spreadsheetsoftware
Don’t take risks, check your Spreadsheets with ExcelAnalyzer software
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Maastricht, The Netherlands
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